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The San Blas Islands are a group of islands in the Archipelago de San Blas, located in the Northwest of Panama facing the Caribbean Sea. There are 378 islands within the archipelago and they are scattered around in an area of about 100 square miles. If you leave the Golfo de San Blas by boat you will enter the Caribbean Sea. The majority of the 378 islands have no inhabitants, but on the larger ones, you will find the gentle native people known as the Guna. These people can be found on the larger inhabited Islands; Aguja Island, Guanidup Island, Isla Chichime, Yandup Island and El Porvenir. You can also find Diablo Island on the map of San Blas below. It is a beautiful and popular San Blas island. It is located right next to the famous Dog island with a sunken ship that is great for snorkeling.

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“Imagine a turquoise archipelago with one island for every day of the year. With white sand and waving palms, these Caribbean islands cheat no one’s version of Paradise. San Blas is Home to the Guna, an autonomous indigenous group who run San Blas with minimal interference from the national government.”