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The San Blas islands are a remote Caribbean archipelago of 360+ tiny white sand islands inside Panama’s indigenous territory of Guna Yala.

Most islands take 10 mins or less to circle on foot and are home to only coconut palms, birds and sometimes members of the Guna families that own them.

They are surrounded by crystal blue water, and abundant reefs home to many colorful fish and sea creatures.

There are also community islands which are residential, cultural and commercial centers in the islands.

We are local guides with 6 years of experience. Let us show you the breathtaking beauty and fascinating culture of the San Blas islands.

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6 years of excellence

We have been honored with the Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence 6 years in a row, and are also recommended by the Lonely Planet. We know what we’re doing.

Supporting Local Guides

Our guides are from the islands, and they are owners of their business segment. Unlike traditional agencies, we created the trips we offer, and are the first to have a team of owners organized and focused on offering the best trips available in the San Blas Islands.

We Go Everyday

We have trips available everyday and for almost every budget. From day trips all the way up to 5 nights in this paradise, we’re sure we can offer you an unforgettable experience.

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Quick Head to Head

Not sure what to do? Compare our different options and get ready for some serious beach time
  • Coconut Express
  • $118
  • Join a group for 1 Day Trip
  • Lunch at the beach
  • Music + Snorkeling + Volleyball + Snack
  • A visit to a shipwreck or to the sunken island with starfish
  • Check it out
  • El Tranquilo
  • $233
  • Starting at 2 days 1 night
  • Dorm and Private rooms
  • Includes 1 day trip with our bilingual guides, the rest of the time is all yours
  • Snorkel equipment available
  • Check it out

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